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 Maharashtra students are engaged in a unique initiative led by the Chief Minister (CM). Over 2 million students in the state's schools have received a letter from the CM, inviting them to participate. Students are encouraged to capture a photo with their parents and school supplies, and then share it online. To participate, students should visit and upload their photos, along with a brief, ten-word motto. The submission period is from February 17th to February 25th, 2024. Registration on the website is required for participation. Maha CM Letter Registration @ Students in Maharashtra who got the Chief Minister’s (CM) letter need to take a selfie with their parents. They also need to write a short, 10-word slogan about education. All of this gets uploaded to a special website for a chance to win a prize! Feature Description Purpose Project by Maharashtra’s Chief Minister to boost education in the state Target Audience 2.11 crore students in Mahara