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HP CM Startup Scheme 2022 Registration / Login at – Himachal Pradesh मुख्यमंत्री स्टार्टअप योजना

The Government of Himachal Pradesh is inviting online registration and login for the HP CM Startup Program 2022 at state government. paying special attention to developing the industrial sector and small and micro enterprises benefiting from the Prime Minister's startup program. In this article, we will describe the entire process of HP CM Starter Program registration and login to the official website.

About Himachal Pradesh 2022 CM Starter Program

The HP CM Entrepreneurship Program aims to transform educated youth from job seekers into job creators. The program will provide support for "start-ups" and innovation projects in the state, while also providing skills for young people and potential investors to develop entrepreneurship. In addition, the government provides support and advice facilities for innovative companies from the early stages to the establishment of the industry.

How to Make HP CM Startup Scheme Registration / Login

Here is the complete process to make HP CM Startup Scheme registration / login:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at

STEP 2: At the homepage, scroll over the “Account” section present in the main menu and then click at “Register” button.

STEP 3: Direct link –

STEP 4: Afterwards, the HP CM Startup Scheme online registration form will appear as shown below:-

STEP 5: You can register as startup, mentor, incubator, then enter full name, email ID, mobile number, password and click at “Register” button.

STEP 6: Afterwards, you can make login using the same method as for register or with direct link –

STEP 7: Then the HP CM Startup Scheme Login page will appear as shown below:-

STEP 8: Here applicants can enter email ID, password, verification code and then click at “Login” button to make HP CM Startup Scheme login.

Aims & Objectives of HP Chief Minister Startup Scheme

  • Self-employment/employment generation and income generation.
  • To promote new ideas/ products and processes suitable for commercialization through startups.
  • Set up Incubators/Incubation Centers in the state.
  • Handhold new enterprises and entrepreneurs.
  • Help entrepreneurs gain knowledge, expertise and avail assistance as provided under various schemes been implemented by State/Central Govt. /Other institutions.
  • Facilitate and promote innovation.
  • Facilitate startups and Innovation Projects.
  • To Facilitate creation of incubation space.
  • Facilitate adequate investment to startups.
  • Facilitate venture capital funding.
  • Promote Human Capital.
  • To promote Industrial development in the State.

Chief Minister Startup Scheme Eligibility

Eligibility of Applicants

Any individual/group of individuals having innovative idea/Concept will be eligible.

Eligibility for Institutions

Universities/education institutions, Incubation Centre/PSUs/R&D Institutions/Private and other establishments will be eligible as an institution to support and mentor to innovators as approved by Committee.

Focus Areas of Himachal Pradesh CM Startup Scheme

  • Technology driven innovation in any sector
  • Rural infrastructure and facilities, crafts, arts, water and sanitation, renewable energy, healthcare, etc.
  • Clean technology
  • Agriculture, Horticulture and the related areas
  • Food Processing
  • Retail
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Mobile, IT and ITes including hardware
  • Biotechnology

Incentives – Support to Innovation Projects in HP CM Startup Yojna

The Incentives under this schemes to the Innovation Projects will be as under:-

  • Rs. 25,000/- per month will be provided to the innovation projects as sustenance allowance for one year whose project is recommended by the Host Institution and approved by the Empowered Committee.
  • Incubation center will provide support to the startups and innovation projects by providing mentoring services, access to their labs, facilities, etc. on a free-of- cost (FOC) basis.

Incubator Roles & Responsibilities under HP Mukhyamantri Startup Yojana

The roles and responsibilities of the Incubators availing support from the Government are :-

  • The incubator shall nurture new ideas/New Industries to support them in their entire life cycle till the same is turned into a commercial enterprise. The incubator shall also establish tie up with appropriate industries so that new ideas/New Industries get nurtured in an appropriate environment.
  • The incubator shall act as a hub with other academic institutes in the district actin as spokes driving the innovation ecosystem in the geography. They shall be mandated to incubate projects through competitive selection process among students, alumni as well as local entrepreneurs. Students of such institutions will also be encouraged tointern with startup incubators recognized by state government to do their main- projects or summer/winter projects or internships that are done during vacations. The incubators may be mandated to run selections programs throughout the state to ensure that students have access from any college in Himachal Pradesh. Such projects can then also be converted to final year Projects where the academic institutes /University and college must involve an external project guide /mentor as identified by such incubators.
  • Establishing Support Eco-Systems, Capital Asset Management and Resources as required for the Incubator.
  • Private Partner in a PPP incubator will be responsible for creating a selfsustaining business model needed foe the execution of the Incubator after the support period given to incubated startups which is maximum of 3 years in case of service startups and 5 years in case of product startups from the date of their entry into the incubator.
  • Liaise with Angel and Venture Capital investors to provide funding assistance to the incubated startups.
  • Shortfalls if any in revenue generation will be met by Private Partner, post the support period.
  • Private Partner will be responsible to find, nurture and support Incubatee companies with a flexible framework base on the changing incubate requirements in the Sector.
  • Ensure pro-active participation of other Private Sector companies for the Incubator in terms of raising funds for incubator and angel investment for startups.
Need HP CM Boot Diagram
The program envisages various incentives for startups to enable entrepreneurs to succeed in their business. The program also stipulates the establishment of incubator centers at the host state agency to build capacity, develop networks, establish necessary infrastructure and raise awareness.

The basic objective of this program is to create opportunities for self-employment and job creation, to enhance the skills of entrepreneurs and to assist them in establishing their units in a professional direction, to promote innovation. in priority areas, establishing incubators, creating space for startup and innovation projects, incentives, etc.

The program also aims to help and support entrepreneurs to select viable projects in potential sectors of the manufacturing and service industries and to train them to create startups, then run them. and manage their business professionally.

HP Minister's Entrepreneurship Program Progress
To date, we have received 654 applications for this HP CM starter program, of which 403 have been proposed. 82 startups have been funded and 11 incubators have been established to date. A living allowance of Rs. 1.73 crore was disbursed along with 5.41 crore disbursed to the incubators. About 83.7 lakh was spent on event/workshop expenses. This data is as of May 14, 2021.

Launch the HP CM . Startup Program
The Himachal Pradesh government has launched a new CM launch scheme for new industrial startups seeking to exempt new units from testing for up to 3 years. The program was launched in 2016 to promote new ideas, products and processes for marketing and industry.

The state government under the CM Startup Program will provide financial support and freedom up to Rs. 30 lakh per incubator per year for a maximum period of three years. Incubators are designed to foster the growth of startups and with physical spaces, coaching and mentoring facilities will receive this support.

Under this scheme, the government will accept self-certification certificates for all official purposes to facilitate the whole startup process. Self-certification will help startups stay up and running without formalities or barriers.

For more details, click the link


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