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Friday, 3 March 2023

Ujala Gujarat Yojana – Check New Prices for LED Bulbs / Tube Lights / Energy Efficient Fans

 The Gujarat government has launched the Ujala Gujarat Yojana to install energy-efficient LED lights across the state  Ujala Gujarat Yojana was launched under the  Ujala Yojana scheme of the central government at an event in Vadodara In this article, we will tell you about the new prices, eligibility, list of documents and  details about Ujala Gujarat Yojana for energy efficient LED lamps, tube lamps and fans.

Ujala Gujarat Yojana Latest Update

 Government of Gujarat. decided to reduce the price of LED bulbs after overwhelming feedback from the people under the UJALA Gujarat Yojana As per the CM's decision, the cost of the lamp will be  Rs 65  for the cash lamp and Rs 70 per EMI bulb and also the same rate for both residential and commercial consumers in the state

 The Prime Minister  also decided to start selling energy-saving 5-star fans and LED lamps under the 'Efficient Home Lighting' scheme launched by the Union Government According to his decision, 20 watt LED lamps will be supplied to consumers at Rs 210 in cash, a total reduction of Rs 20 in the award given by the Union Government

The Five-star rated energy efficient fan will be sold at Rs. 1,110 price with a total reduction Rs. 40 in its price assigned by the Union Government for the whole nation. The EMI cost of LED tube-light and fan will be Rs. 230 and Rs. 1260 respectively.

Eligibility for Ujala Gujarat Yojana

  1. Applicant should be resident of Gujarat state.
  2. All ration card holders in Gujarat state are eligible for this Ujala Gujarat Yojana.

Cash or EMI Prices for LED Bulb / Tube Light / Fan under UJALA Gujarat Yojana

Bulb/Tube-light/FanBy CashBy EMI
LED BulbRs. 65 per bulbRs. 70 per bulb
LED Tube-lightRs. 210 per tube-lightRs. 230 per tube-light
Five-star rated energy efficient FanRs. 1,110 per fanRs. 1,260 per fan
Ujala Gujarat Yojana Appliances Price

List of Documents Required for Ujala Gujarat Yojana

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Monthly electricity bill

Salient Features / Benefits of Ujala Gujarat Yojana

  • The government distribute LED bulb, tube lights, fans at highly subsidized rate.
  • Benefits of the LED bulb at a very low price of Rs. 65 per bulb for cash and Rs. 70 per bulb for EMI. Similar rate will be applicable for residential and commercial use.
  • 20 watt LED tube lights to be given to consumers at a low price of Rs. 210 per tube light by cash and Rs. 230 per tube light for EMI.
  • 5 Star energy efficient fans to be sold at very low price of Rs. 1,110 per fan by cash and Rs. 1,260 per fan for EMI.
  • EMI option also available for the consumers and the charge of 8-10 installments should be paid through the electricity bill.
  • Low power consumption and saving electricity.

Objective of Ujala Gujarat Yojana

The state government has set a target of providing LED bulbs to 1.21 Crore households across the state. The main objective of the scheme is to encourage people to adopt sustainable energy options to save and reduce energy costs and consumption. Under the Ujala Gujarat Yojana, the state government will provide LED bulbs to the state residents at a subsidized rate. The LED bulbs under the scheme will be available at Rs. 65-70 per piece to the domestic consumers while LED bulbs will be sold at similar rates per piece to industries.

A single LED bulb can save upto Rs. 315 a year and installing LED’s throughout the home can save a lot to the domestic consumers. The provided bulbs under the scheme will come with 3 year replacement warranty. The LED bulbs will consume only 7-8 watt of energy and provide luminosity of 900 lumens.

The state government plans to distribute about 12 Crore LED bulbs to 1.21 crore households under the Ujala Gujarat Yojana. One household will get a maximum of 10 LED bulbs in the first phase and the amount will be charged in 8-10 installments through the electricity bill.

How to buy LED bulb under Ujala Gujarat Yojana

The consumers can buy the LED bulbs by showing monthly electricity bill or ID cards.

Government has set up 615 distribution centers across the Gujarat state to distribute LED bulb for the consumer.

The consumer also visit Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB) offices in Taluka/districts in Gujarat state.

The scheme will not only help save cost to the consumers but also contribute to the energy security of India.

Previous Price of LED Bulbs under Ujala Gujarat Yojana

Ujala Gujarat Yojana was launched on 26th May 2016, and the price of bulb was Rs. 80-85. The price of bulb has been reduced by around Rs. 15 i.e new prices are Rs. 65-70. Similarly, price of led tubelights has been reduced by Rs. 20 while the price of energy efficient fans has been reduced by Rs. 40. This reduction comes because the Ujala Gujarat Yojana has seen a great response from the consumers.

Considering the huge success of the program, the government has decided to reduce the cost of  LED lamp, lamp and fans However, both domestic and commercial/industrial users will be able to purchase LED bulbs at reduced prices. Under the program, each household can purchase up to  10 LED lamps.

Progress of distribution of LED lamps under Ujala Gujarat Yojana

 The Ujala Gujarat Yojana has received a great response from the consumers in the state Within 2 months of its delivery according to the scheme 24 thousand. about 1.20 million households were distributed. LED lamps. On  average, users buy about 2 thousand per day under this scheme. LED lights across the state Under the program, each household can purchase up to 10 LED lamps. Recently, the state government has also reduced the prices of Ujala LED lamps by Rs 15  Ujala Yojana LED lamps are now on sale at Rs 65-70

A 7 watt LED lamp can be purchased under the scheme on a cash payment of Rs 65 Consumers can also choose to pay through EMIs, which will be added to the electricity bill in 8-10 installments. Each bulb purchased through EMI is priced at Rs 70 LED lamps can be purchased by consumers upon submission of a monthly electricity bill or an identity card. To implement the program, the government has set up 615 distribution centers across the country.

References & Details

Information about Ujala Yojana in Gujarat – https://cmogujarat.gov.in/en/ujala-yojana-led-bulb-tubelight-fan-will-available-rs-65-rs-210-rs-1110-respectively/

For more details about Ujala Gujarat Yojana, visit at https://guj-epd.gujarat.gov.in/

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